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  • I’m not deleting my account, since it’s entirely possible that I’ll decide to return in a few weeks or months or for a special occasion or two.
  • But while my laptop was being repaired for two weeks, I got involved with several other things.
  • And honestly, (nothing scandalous) I’ve just lost interest in tumblr.
  • Not to sound super cheesy,
  • but I’ll always cherish my times here.
  • I was super active for around 14 months, and it was an absolute blast.
  • Thank you allllllll for being a contestant, reliable source of entertainment, humor and support.
  • Having a place to showcase my ridiculous (often borderline insane) ideas has been invaluable. I’ve been continually surprised to find people who not only understand what the heck I’m posting about, but who (seemingly) enjoy it.
  • Stay fabulous!
  • And if you want to reach me, I might step up my twitter game. And I’ll still receive e-mails about new messages right here.
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  • Yes, I’m still alive.
  • No, my laptop isn’t.
  • Yes, Best Buy’s still telling me that it won’t be revived until March 7.
  • No, no I haven’t had to check myself into a mental hospital for the critically internet-deprived. Yet.
  • Yes, I have been singing I Will Survive to myself multiple times daily.
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Because all technology apparently hates me. The latest is my laptop revolting against me with a cracked screen. My life is now in the hands of Best Buy, with a 2-3 week repair estimate.

Stay fabulous, everyone! I’ll be spending the next 336 to 504 hours crying into my pillow, figuring out a way to continue my never-ending job search without easy internet access nor my vital files, occasionally checking tumblr for messages via my phone (I’ll try to reply, but I should mention that my blackberry also despises me), and practicing for an acting class I started a few weeks ago in which we were just assigned scenes to workshop and hooray I’m playing a errr, high-class “lady of the evening”.